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My story

My name is Corinne and I’m a wellness enthousiastic. There was a time in life when I hit a wall. It was the brutal observation that the time has come to question my lifestyle, my habits, my life plans and my state of mind. Changes were needed to improve my quality of life. Suddenly came the need to work on my inner well-being, my physical condition, my state of health, my mental balance, my values, my life goals and mission. I asked myself what is of value in order to distinguish the important from the futile. My conception of happiness changed. I realized that the key lies in me and in my ability to reprogram myself to give my body, mind and soul what they really need to achieve full harmony and fulfilment. It is my whole being that has awakened to a whole new dimension of existence in order to find the best version of itself. Henceforth, I am moving daily towards this goal despite the ups and downs of life.

My motto: Driven to flourish

What about you? Are you motivated to flourish? If so, you are in the right place! Welcome to my website! I offer you a flourish-driven blog with a mission to motivate you to enhance your psychological well-being and to support you in your life journey through personal growth. Therefore my goal is to positively touch your life by giving you solutions to the ills of existence. I hope that in this blog you will find the help you're looking for to enhance your vitality and life satisfaction, as well as the inspiration that you need to have a most motivating life.

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  • I enjoy inspiring, encouraging and motivating others to improve their lives, well-being and happiness.

  • I believe that fulfillment is possible for everyone.

  • I am committed to:

- to help people feel good, to foster positive individual transformation and enhance the quality of their lives.

- to create a caring community where we all work together to achieve our aspirations. 


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A word about my blog

This blog is a self-help resource. It is for people who are on a personal growth journey and are looking for inspiration, motivation and information to help them on their journey. The blog helps them to see the possibilities of well-being and fulfillment that are available to them to improve their quality of life.






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