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10 attitudes to adopt to feel fulfilled in life

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

The key to a pleasant and satisfying life is to take responsibility for your happiness. It is a positive disposition that invites you to embrace your life and to take actions that will contribute to increased contentment in your existence.

There is no magic formula. Any accomplishment requires effort, perseverance and the belief that it is possible. It is important to avoid making excuses, but rather to free yourself from your limiting beliefs (for example: I can't do this, it's not for me) and take the leap. The following tips will help you improve your life by moving you up the ladder of life satisfaction. Keep in mind that you are your own best ally and your own worst enemy and use this precept wisely.Once you get started, and then succeed in enhancing your life, work on maintaining your new habits as well as the supportive beliefs you've built to reach your new state of flourishing.

These 10 attitudes to acquire are not exhaustive, as there are others, but these are the ones I have chosen for you. I am not presenting them in order of importance. It is simply a list.

1. Make every moment of your life count

Find value in what you are doing, what you are going through, what you are getting into. This is what will help you make every moment worthwhile. If you don't have many activities that bring you value, create some. Volunteer, join an association, support a cause. If you are going through a difficult time, see it as an opportunity to learn, to make something positive out of it, to live this life challenge as an experience and adjust.

2. Focus on achieving meaningful life goals

It is by giving a positive meaning to your life and by discovering a purpose, that you will find satisfaction in your life. Find your Raison d'être, that "Why" that motivates you to get up every morning and brings joy to your existence. The Japanese call it Ikigai. Ikigai is the intersection of: what you love, what the world needs and to which you can contribute, what you are paid for, what you are good at. Seek your life mission, put your talents at the service of your passion to have an impact on the world while being paid. This will make your daily life meaningful and you will live happily.

3. Aim for personal growth

A good way to do this is to get out of your comfort zone. Dare to try something new, try things you've never done before. Face that fear of insecurity and discomfort that keeps you from growing. Stop making excuses and go for it, because as you cross the threshold of your comfort zone, you will enter a learning phase where you will acquire new skills, knowledge and abilities. Then, as you continue your efforts, you will enter the growth zone, where you will live your dreams, find purpose and set new goals to achieve.

4. Dare to let go and live in the moment

You will gain great freedom by detaching yourself from what you cannot control and living in the present, rather than dwelling on the past that is gone or worrying about the future that has not yet arrived. The only thing that is palpable is the present. The only place you can act is in the present. The practice of mindfulness is a technique that allows you to connect to the present moment and become fully part of it. We are so easily prone to getting lost in our thoughts that we forget to live in the present and appreciate it.

5. Find something you're passionate about

And if you already have one, live it to the fullest. A passion will give you drive and lead you to develop a love of life. This brings us back to the Ikigai I mentioned earlier. If your occupation makes you happy, if you also have fun outside of work, this state of well-being will increase your vitality and your joy of living.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”


6. Be useful and helpful

Use your personal skills, creativity, talents and learning to grow, to become the best version of yourself and to bring values and joy to others. Learn, discover, dare, create and give. Invest in yourself and by putting that personal growth to work, you can make a difference in yourself (because you will have a sense of accomplishment) and around you.

7. Live in positivity

Living in positivity does not mean completely ignoring the negative things that happen to us in life. Rather, it means being aware of what we are going through and the emotions that may result (e.g., anger, sadness, anxiety, frustration), but choosing to respond positively to them. It is sometimes necessary to take time to step back and digest the situation, but it is recommended not to dwell on it indefinitely. It is necessary to put everything in perspective in order to positively overcome this state of mind and this situation, in other words, in order to grow out of this experience rather than to remain in a bad way. Therefore, maintain positive feelings and thoughts and be optimistic. This will put you in a favorable disposition to accomplish yourself, because you will be bathed in positive energy.

8. Nurturing hope

Nothing is immutable, things change. They can be dark today and bright tomorrow. Hope springs eternal because it gives you a reason to believe that things can get better. Have confidence in the future and see the positive in it. Vibrate positive waves, it will energize you. Be open and ready to receive what life has to offer in the future, and seize the opportunities it sends you.

9. Be aligned with your values

This will eliminate any tension that may be caused by the gap between your life principles and the life you lead. Being in tune with yourself is important for finding your balance. Be sure to clearly identify your values. There are lists of values that you can easily find on the Internet. Choose one and go through it to identify the values that are most important to you. Select twenty or so that represent the ones that matter most to you. You can even associate them with different areas of your life, for example your career, health, spirituality, relationship, parenting, contribution to the world.

10. Set aside time for meditation and/or prayer

Find quiet times to practice prayer or meditation regularly. They will help you face life with more serenity and efficiency. Prayer and meditation also have a positive impact on your well-being and health. In the hectic pace of your life, do you take time to reconnect with yourself or with the divine? If so, great, but are you doing it enough? If not, you should seriously consider it.

Here are the 10 attitudes that I suggest to adopt to be fulfilled in life. Do you know others? What do you do to be happy? Tell me in comments.

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