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Midlife Crisis: Transitioning to a New Version of Yourself and your Life

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Go from your old life to the new one and take on new colours. Discover the second part of the topic about this great challenge of life.

Part 2 - Despite the fact that it upsets, the midlife transition can be lived positively if we give ourselves the means to do so. The stage of inner questioning helps to calm the deep trouble that is experienced as well as to rise above the tumult in order to see things more clearly. This sets the stage for positive change. Understanding what is happening, accepting to respond to the desire for change (avoiding denial) and addressing the problem as a favourable opportunity to live a beneficial transformation, allows us to go through this turbulent phase of life in a thoughtful way, in accord with oneself and therefore to leave it enriches inwardly.


The stages of questioning and the search for meaning are, in fact, a period of inner tribulations at the end of which the individual emerges with greater authenticity and a greater sense of the purpose of his existence. A new interior disposition calls for a new state of mind, which itself calls for a new look at one’s life. Thus, during the transformation, the external change will be aligned with that which takes place inside.

The rise in the curve of well-being or happiness consists in a progressive and harmonious passage from the old to the new. This does not mean that the crossing will be without difficulties and will be serene, but rather that the energy invested will be positively oriented throughout the crossing in order to promote success. A positive midlife transition consists in moving from crisis to opportunity and here is how it can be achieve:

  1. Embracing change (adopting an open attitude) and facing it (not denying the need to change)

  2. Accepting the discomfort of the present moment and overcoming the fear of the unknown

  3. Admitting that change takes time and being patient and determined

  4. Grieving for past life or aspects of life. With each end, there is a new beginning

  5. Getting rid of what no longer serves your life. Abandoning what clutters, limits or is no longer useful to your life

  6. Abandoning this false character, whose role you played and who defined your identity for several years, in order to embrace your true personality

  7. Forgetting the illusory and having a realistic vision of your future

  8. Reinventing yourself: it’s a phase of renewal and creativity. You discover the potential in yourself and you choose to exploit it

  9. Feeling some gratitude. In other words, be grateful to be where you are now in your life and to have the opportunity to evolve.

  10. Caring for yourself after spending so many years caring for others, including your family

  11. Building a meaningful life, that is, one that makes sense and that matters

  12. Readjusting your life course or change course completely


By what means can we manage to do all this and to go through this stage of life smoothly not only for ourselves, but also for those around us? By taking small steps, a step-by-step advance taking into account the possible trips that could occur along the way and from which we will recover. The approach can be facilitated by seeking support:

  • View web articles with advice from psychologists

  • Read books on the subject

  • Be accompanied by a life coach, psychotherapist or psychologist

Once the transformation begins, it is important to reflect the change in a positive way throughout the rest of your life journey. It’s kind of a fresh start. With this second chance, there is the possibility of leading a life with personal meaning (as opposed to the social character to which you had previously conformed) and vocational meaning. It is the hatching of a new version of yourself, your true self, of a new meaningful existence in phase with yourself. The culmination of the transition will be an enhanced life and life satisfaction.

The crisis is not like a disease from which one cannot escape: it is like a kind of new birth!

Pierre Mauroy

I am fully immersed in the midlife transition right now and at the same time I'm fascinated by the inner journey that I'm living. Although I am an introverted person, I have always been turned outward. For the first time, I discover a life in me that I did not know and the sudden need to cultivate my inner well-being. The mutation is confusing, but not unpleasant, on the contrary, it is rather an exploration for me. I don’t really know where the road will take me, but is knowing the destination really important? I found an answer in this thought: "The goal does not necessarily have to be achieved. Often, it just serves to give direction." So, I am on my way by aspiring to the freedom to become me and to make my true colors shine, to shape my existence in my image, in harmony with what life calls me to and which I still have to discover.

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