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What do people who experience great pleasure in life have that others don't ?

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

What's so special about these people who live life to the fullest and are so happy to live? Here's the answer.

Life circumstances can easily lead to depression. Yet life is far too precious a gift to be spoiled by gloom. Some people cope rather well with life's shortcomings and, as a result, are better off than others. It makes you wonder if they have any tips on how to deal effectively with depression.

So what is the secret of people who have a great joy of life? How is it that life seems to smile on them? And yet, everyone experiences ups and downs with their hard knocks that sometimes leave a bitter taste and a messed-up mind in their wake. What do these people root themselves in to enjoy life? What makes them see life in pink? So many questions! It's worth digging a little deeper into the subject. Let's see what's going on.

The taste for life does not depend on others or on what may happen in one's life, but rather on your efforts to awaken your "joie de vivre". In fact, the power to enjoy life and to find joy in it is linked to the ability to master the ups and downs of your mood and morale. This is achieved by cultivating a positive attitude that is conducive to personal growth. The answer is within us, because it is our reaction to life's torments that makes the difference. Our way of facing life, in other words our state of mind, is the source of our ability to rejoice in life. When faced with sadness or languor, we need to activate our joy of living in order to turn the tide and thus maintain our psychological well-being. So what exactly is the state of mind of the bon vivants? - They see life as a richness. People who have a strong zest for life see value in living and in existence. The idea of preventing the waste of this priceless gift of life is what helps them overcome the slump. They feel a gratitude to live whatever life sends them, flowers or banana peels. They draw their daily energy from this joie de vivre to face life's situations.

- They are in love with life. Life is a source of wonder. These life enthusiasts are able to contemplate what surrounds them and find beauty and even miracles. They bring the child back to life in them, because they have a spirit of discovery, they have fun, they activate their creativity and curiosity. They also have a passion that makes them love life, because it brings them pleasure, joy and satisfaction.

- They see life as it is. Their infatuation with life comes from accepting reality. They do not idealize life, but rather take it for what it really is. They do not live in illusion. This approach allows them to redefine the meaning given to life experiences. Everything happens for a reason. Negative experiences thus become an opportunity to learn and grow, making the most of what is lived and using it to their advantage.

- They accept the joys and sorrows of life. Life is strewn with happy and painful moments. People who have the joy of existing admit that pain is part of life and they do not repress it. On the contrary, they welcome suffering, which allows them to accept to go through it and to move towards healing. Once the suffering is overcome, especially when we come back from far away, we come out of it with the joy of living again. The trials of life help to discern what is important from what is futile. Difficult moments make us appreciate the simple moments of happiness. This creates a balance in life. - They live a spirituality: They are people of faith attached to God or people in harmony with themselves and their surroundings. Within the case of religiosity, they maintain a bond of trust, abandonment, hope, gratitude with God, a bond that lightens and brings joy to their existence. This bond is an interior encounter with God. Faith gives them the strength to live. In the broader context of spirituality, they are spiritual persons, who accept the world, their condition and who they are, as they manifest themselves to them, without opposition, without bitterness or bitterness. They are confident that life brings them what they need and that it will win in all things. It is also an encounter with oneself, one's true being, an encounter through which the individual finds joy in him, inviting him to inhabit his heart.

- They see a purpose in life. For them, life has meaning. It is therefore useful. Life is a call to self-fulfillment, to accomplish their life mission or personal mission, to find and live their vocation, to do acts of kindness. It is a call whose purpose is to connect the individual to the meaning of existence.

- They are optimistic. people who enjoy life adopt positive thoughts and focus on those pleasurable ideas to dispel negative thoughts. They choose to see life in a positive light, so they feed off the best that life has to offer. As the saying goes, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade"!

Here is a portrait of the people who enjoy life to the fullest. You can also become one of them by adopting these attitudes towards life.

"Smile at life, life will smile at you".

Paul Gordeaux

That being said, if you lose your zest for life, feel no pleasure in anything, are highly desperate and anxious, have trouble sleeping, are tired, lose your appetite and can no longer assume your professional, family and social responsibilities, and all of this persists over a long period of time, consult a health professional. It could be a mood disorder or a profound emotional pain such as depression and melancholy. Be vigilant! They set in gradually and insidiously. The person concerned does not notice it and is slowly consumed. If you recognize yourself here, seek help. Psychotherapy is then necessary to overcome this mental health problem.

You now have all the keys in hand to love life. Adopt a positive and constructive attitude that awakens and preserves your joie de vivre, because like a garden, it must be cared for and cultivated.

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(Ma qualité de vie means My quality of life in French.)




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