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4 highlights of personal success in the Barbie movie

Updated: Sep 21

We love Barbie a little, a lot, passionately, madly! Whatever your feelings about the doll, the Barbie movie is a must-see this summer. Beyond the film's feminist dimension, there's also the heroine's journey of personal growth. Barbie's story makes the movie a good example of a journey to the best version of yourself.

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Barbie, the movie

Barbie is a film with a good dose of humor, yet it tackles some serious issues, not least women's empowerment. Although the film is marked by the battle of the sexes (feminism, patriarchy), I came away from this escapade in Barbie Land with the memory of some powerful moments from the point of view of personal development. So here are four key moments in the heroine's journey from the perspective of self-improvement and self-fulfillment. Warning: if you haven't yet seen the film, be aware that the following lines are spoilers.

Moving out of the comfort zone

Barbie is suddenly confronted with unusual events that disrupt her daily routine. She has to find a solution to get things back to normal. She goes to see Weird Barbie to find out what's going on. Barbie instinctively refuses Weird Barbie's offer to leave Barbie Land for the real world and solve her problem, preferring to stick her head in the sand and stay in familiar waters.

It's hard to get out of your comfort zone. Yet growth takes shape in those moments when you're confronted with the unknown. It's a challenging zone, where you have to develop new skills, make mistakes and learn from them, accept failures and pick yourself up again. It's a journey that's far from smooth, but in the end, you'll grow from it. Encouraged by Weird Barbie, Barbie overcomes her fear of the unknown and finally decides to answer the call of adventure.

Winning the battle against depression

When "Barbie Land" is about to become "Kendom", a patriarchal society established by Ken on his return from the real world, Barbie has a breakdown. Barbie's world is turned upside down and her life no longer makes sense. It's hard to digest, and she's overwhelmed. What's more, she feels useless, because she's Stereotypical Barbie. Indeed, unlike other Barbies, such as President Barbie, Doctor Barbie or Judge Barbie, the stereotypical Barbie has no functions. She's just Barbie.

Losing your zest for life, losing your sense of purpose, feeling down in the dumps - these are mental states that are difficult to live with. According to the World Health Organization, "Depressive disorder (also known as depression) is a common mental disorder. It involves a depressed mood or loss of pleasure or interest in activities for long periods of time." With support and motivation, Barbie emerges from her depressive state to save Barbie Land from the Kens domination.

Bouncing back from adversity

The Kens have taken control of Barbie Land. They officially want to change its governance and social organization according to the patriarchal model that Ken has imported from the real world. The Kens have adopted this ideology, which is very attractive to them, and have indoctrinated all the Barbies. The Barbies have abandoned their roles to serve the Kens. Gloria, the Mattel employee visiting Barbie Land with her daughter Sasha, gives a poignant monologue about how difficult it is to be a woman in the real world. Barbie and her friends then realize that they will suffer the same fate if they don't take action.

We're talking here about a crisis situation, and in such circumstances it can be tempting to give up. The difficulties and personal trials we go through in life can bring us down. However, to be able to move forward in life, we need to overcome adversity, show resilience and equip ourselves to deal with the crisis. The Barbies are therefore beginning to organize the re-conquest of their matriarchal society.

Transforming yourself

At the end of the movie, Barbie decides to change her life. This follows an existential crisis caused by the events she has been through. Although order has been restored in Barbie Land, Barbie has changed. She has discovered emotions and what it means to be human. Barbie can't see herself returning to her old life, but her new aspirations require her to take a leap into uncertainty. Under the guidance of Ruth Handler, her creator and Mattel's first president, Barbie agrees to become mortal. She makes a fresh start by leaving Barbie Land to settle in the real world. Barbie plunges into a new world where she is ready to find her feet, with the help of Gloria and her family.

From the moment Barbie leaves her doll world at the beginning of the story, a process of inner change inevitably begins. The physical limits of her perfect world depicted at the start of the film also represent her own limits in many ways. Socially, she has good status, so she's never confronted with lack; relationally, everyone loves and adores her, so she never faces opposition; romantically, she has little interest in Ken, whose only reason for being is to attract her attention, and she unfortunately feels no empathy for him. In short, you get the picture. Her journey through the desert is a total upheaval for her. After all this turbulence, Barbie has become someone else. She's evolved, become a better version of herself. From that moment on, Barbie embarks on a new life that better corresponds to the person she is now. A life that's ultimately more satisfying than the one she's known until now (even if she knows it won't all be rosy) because it's a life that makes sense.

In conclusion

I think a sequel to this film would be interesting not only to follow Barbie's personal growth, but also because Barbie will now be evolving in a patriarchal world. How will she cope in this world of gender inequity, she who was created to elevate women?

If you've watched the film, I'd love to hear what you thought. Let me know in the comments. 👇

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