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What to think about when the realization of legitimate desires is slow in coming?

Updated: Sep 21

Tick-tock, time passes. We have aspirations, desires, wishes. We make efforts to see them come true. Yet everything seems to have a different pace and timeline than ours. Will it ever happen? Are we in too much of a hurry? Do we have the wrong idea about the timing of our life milestones?

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We all have desires, wishes and even dreams. Some of them are really important to us and although they are well-founded, they are slow to materialize. Why does life sometimes seem to get in the way? In reality, it doesn't get in the way. This perception is only a vision of the mind which, fortunately, can be reversed. Instead of the deep sighs of sorrow we let out when we think of what we lack, we could certainly be grateful for what we have. Instead of thinking that life owes us what we want, we should probably think that, in the moment, life offers us what we need. If each of us were a celestial body (which has the ability to bend space-time by its mass and gravitational force) we would influence time. But since we are not planets, here are some questions to consider in order to reprogram our state of mind and not to lose patience anymore.


When we want something badly and we work hard to get it, we sometimes fall under the impression that our expectations will materialize according to our plans, because they are legitimate. However, this is not necessarily the case, since each individual is not the center of gravity of the world. Why should our desires be fulfilled according to our will and our schedule? Are life's circumstances supposed to converge towards our personal satisfaction? Expectations about what we want for ourselves are inherently self-centered. Taking our wishes as a given is actually a belief, not a reality. Getting what is expected is not a matter of reward, merit, or justice. Of course, this doesn't mean that we will stop having dreams or aspirations. Rather, we must learn to be patient. Is it more important to go fast or to go far? Is it really the destination or the path to get there that matters? When we are required to be patient, we must find an opportunity for personal development, because once we are able to see this potential, it is a door to great achievements that opens before us.


We would like it to be magical. We make a wish, we are granted. Immediate satisfaction is tempting. Sometimes things happen quickly or happen more or less in the expected time. But there are some wishes that seem to take forever to come true. In fact, it is possible that the present moment or the targeted moment is not necessarily the right one for the wish to be fulfilled. Would we really make good use and management of what is to be received if we got it on the spot? The journey is more important than the destination. If what we wish for does not arrive immediately, we probably need to make a personal journey first, that is to say, to live a journey of preparation of the heart and the mind that will make us better able to welcome the gifts of life.


We are now embarking on an exercise in patience during which we must accept that many aspects of life are not controllable and that we will have to live with this reality. The watchword is to work with what we have in the moment, while demonstrating creativity and ingenuity. We can discover unsuspected abilities when we find ways to live our lives to the fullest and enjoy it, using what we have at our disposal.

In fact, even if all our desires were fulfilled, we would still want more. Life is more pleasant when we feel blessed and fulfilled because we have what is essential. It all depends on how we look at your life. It is more profitable for us to cherish what we have and to be grateful, rather than to focus on the lack, that absence of the object of desire which causes suffering and frustration. Loving our life, no matter what happens, makes it taste much better and feeling gratitude is a good remedy for achieving satiety and contentment.


After a while, you may become discouraged and want to give up. If you really care about your legitimate desire, don't give up, but rather let go when you feel that you have invested enough effort. Letting go does not mean you are giving up. It is an act of accepting that some of the achievement of the desire is beyond your control. Detachment is a helpful strategy that allows you to let go of the pressure to give yourself a break and feel better. Eventually your desire will come true. It may turn out the way you wanted it to, or it may take a different form than you imagined, or it may even exceed your expectations. The important thing is to find satisfaction in it. You get what you really need. So keep hoping and believing. Keep hoping and praying. Stay optimistic. And during this waiting period, above all, stimulate your life by embarking on projects that animate you, that give you drive, motivate you, encourage you. Awaken your potential, vibrate and live!

"Hope and desire are sometimes synonymous."

Samuel Ferdinand-Lop


I like to think that I am a star (and therefore a star) and that my state of mind constitutes my mass and gravity. In my mental universe, time does not really flow, as the theory of relativity states. The passage of time is an illusion said Einstein. So I shine, I illuminate, I radiate, I am out of time. My legitimate desires are already realized, because in my space-time, the past, the present and the future coexist. So why worry about it!

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(Ma qualité de vie means My quality of life in French.)








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