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7 days of mental relaxation to resurface

Updated: Sep 21

When the mind is spinning, the spirit is cluttered and stress is setting in, giving yourself moments to relax can make all the difference in the quality of your life. So now is the time to spend some time creating moments of mental relaxation to get your mind out of the frenzy. Here's how.

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For a long time, I was overwhelmed by waves of sad ideas, worries and unpleasant dreams that were flooding into my head and preventing me from fulfilling myself. I was inhabited by pessimism and a gloomy vision of life which, unfortunately, pulled me down to the bottom, that is to say towards a deep dissatisfaction with life. I realized that all these thoughts that were occupying my mind a little too much were largely the cause of my problem, the other cause being more broadly my state of mind. So I had to change my paradigm, in other words, correct my way of thinking and seeing things. The starting point of my transformation was to find ways to free my mind from the continuous invasion of thought patterns that were harmful to me. I needed serenity of mind.


Even if the ideas that cross your mind are not necessarily negative, the fact of constantly rehashing, analyzing, planning or organizing a whole bunch of things in your head leaves little respite for your mind. Indeed, mental clutter is a source of tension, stress and fatigue. It is therefore important to look for ways to regain peace of mind.

I'd like to ask you this: Do you care enough about yourself to make time to take a mental break? Telling yourself that you need to give your overly agitated mind a rest is a good first step, but we need to go further. Are you ready or willing to commit to calming your mind? If you've been neglecting your well-being on this front until now, now is the time to take the leap. I invite you to spend the next seven days creating moments of serenity to make your mind a haven of peace.


Les pensées sont puissantes et leur abondance crée une agitation mentale qui peut aisément causer un raz-de-marée. J'ai donc exploré des moyens de m'alléger l'esprit pour calmer ce tumulte et remonter à la surface.

Thoughts are powerful and their abundance creates a mental agitation that can easily cause a tidal wave. So I've been exploring ways to lighten my mind to calm this turmoil and get to the surface.


Affirmation: I face life's challenges with detachment and acceptance.

Action: I focus on a problem or situation that is absorbing a lot of my thoughts and take a step back.

When we are able to detach ourselves from what is bothering us and to take distance, that is to say to see things from a different angle, we are better equipped to overcome challenges. They affect us less, because detachment liberates and soothes. In the same way, by being in a position of acceptance, we are better prepared to face the challenges because at that moment, we are no longer subjected to them. In fact, we no longer submit helplessly to the problem's unpleasantness, but rather we take it head-on.


Affirmation: I am grateful for all that I have and I celebrate my life.

Action: I write my blessings down in a gratitude journal.

You may not have everything you want, but there are certainly things you can be grateful for. What you have is valuable and should not be taken for granted. Cherish even the smallest things.


Affirmation: I surrender to calm and serenity.

Action: I close my eyes and focus on my breathing.

Sometimes there is so much to do and so many things to think about that we can easily feel overwhelmed and stressed by all that there is to deal with. But we need a mental break and a good way to do this is to control the flow of our thoughts. Meditation and mindfulness are very useful practices in this case, as they shift the focus to the present moment. And if your mind loses its stillness during these practices, put a stop to those intrusive thoughts by using a method I recently discovered during a guided meditation on the Calm app. Practice saying, "Thank you, but not now".


Affirmation: I strengthen my mind by calming it regularly.

Action: I focus on what I have to do in the moment or in the very short term.

If you have a hamster running around in your head, it may be time to give it a rest. Give yourself permission to slow down the flow of your thoughts and contain them before they overflow. Be aware of when you are in this abundance of thoughts or you are overthinking, and pay attention to what triggers it. Then pull yourself together, take deep breaths for a few minutes and calm down.

"You don't have to control your thoughts; you just have to stop letting them control you."

Dan Millman


Affirmation: I choose to reduce my mental tension.

Action: I get fresh air to improve my mood.

Taking a walk or doing an outdoor activity helps to free your mind. But for it to work, you have to do it with full awareness, that is, by being present in the moment and experiencing it fully. If your thoughts tend to wander back to whatever is bothering you, stop them as soon as you realize they're there and refocus on your activity. In addition, fresh air is invigorating and helps to remedy the decline in energy caused by worry.


Affirmation: I take time to ease my mind because my well-being is paramount

Action: I listen to relaxing sounds to help me relax or I do any other activity that brings me the same benefits.

Music is one of the most accessible solutions and is suitable for most people. Relaxation music is easily found for free on YouTube. There are also recordings of singing bowls, rain, waves, birds and other relaxing sounds of nature. If you're not too keen on relaxing sounds, then find something that helps you to get away from it all and relax. The important thing is to do something positive that relaxes your mind and to use it as much as possible when you feel overwhelmed.


Affirmation: My mind deserves a break and I give it that break.

Action: I release all thoughts that I am holding onto unnecessarily.

Sometimes we have to make a delicate decision, we are confronted with a problem, we have to make an important choice or we are in any other difficult or heavy situation. We can then be led to turn our thoughts in a loop without finding a solution, to feel completely overwhelmed by the situation, to be tense, to put pressure on ourselves, to doubt ourselves. This torment creates stress as well as mental and physical fatigue. Relaxation allows you to free yourself from anxiety, to relax your body and to see more clearly in your decisions. So imagine your thoughts as clouds and let them dissipate for a few moments.

I hope these ideas will help you find peace of mind. Are you willing to spend a week taking mental breaks? I hope so. Let me know in the comments if you plan to try it. If you do, don't stop after a week. Make it a habit, because that's what will give you long-term results.

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